Anantya R&D

We are the Software Research and Development company. We are currently developing for windows, symbian and Linux platforms. We are expanding our research and knowledge for various other platforms like digital  content development for various verticals. Download our Softwares, they are reliable and secure. We work hard to assure that the quality product is delivered at customer end.

LibNi OS

LibNi is a Linux based Operating System developed by Anantya R&D. It is fast, secure and free. LibNi is developed to provide easy and interactive user interface. It comes with many pre-installed packages to make system install faster and full PC hardware utilization. To know more about LibNi see >>

Our Other Products

Download our popular products. 

RCrypto : 
Keep your data secure with RCrypto strong encryption.

Network Spy
Monitor your employ or use it for parental control. Its an eye that spy for you.

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